Q: How big is the Tent?

A: Our Bell Tent is a 4 metre tent, being a hexagon this works out to be roughly 10 square metres.

Q: How big area is ideal for the Tent?

A: To fully enjoy the spacious inside we recommend a flat grassy area of approx. 5 by 5 metres to allow all strings and pegs be fixed in the best position. Less is possible, but please contact us ideally with photos of the area and we see if we can fit it in.

Q: What if we don’t have a lawn?

A: We really do recommend lawn for having the tent set up on for a number of reasons:

  • plain soil isn’t going to work well even when its super dry and sunny, dust and dirt (and mud in wet conditions) all migrate into the tent at light speed
  • decking might be acceptable in terms of comfort but we need anchor points to fix the tent on the ground and to actually erect the tent.
  • same goes for concrete – plus it is probably really uncomfortable
  • artificial lawn – not sure if you can fix pegs?

Q: Where are you based?

A: We are based in Pokeno, roughly half way between Auckland and Hamilton.

Q: How many kids/adults can the tent sleep?

A: We only use adult size mattresses (as we have heard some 12 year olds can be quite tall), so a maximum of 6 people can comfortably sleep in the tent, if we are pushing things (as in “two people sleep by the entrance”), then 8, but it might not provide an ideal experience. We are looking into getting bigger tents in the near future. Stay tuned!

Q: Do you provide bedding too?

A: No, due to hygiene and – frankly – overhead reasons, we do not provide linen, pillows or sleeping bags.

Q; What area do you service?

A: Roughly within Albany (N) to Hamilton (S) to Thames (E) to Awhitu Peninsula (W), if you live outside that area, please contact us, we might combine your setup with a road trip for our girls 😉

Q: Do you charge mileage?

A: The first 25km from our base are free, after that we charge a $0.7 mileage fee per km (IRD rates). We calculate the total kilometres from our base, times 4 (four trips per booking).

Example: Someone in Remuera books with us, that is 50 km from Pokeno. 50×4 = 200km. Minus the 25km per trip = 200km – 100km = 100km. 100km x $0.7 = $70 for mileage. We’ll provide a customised quote with each booking.

Q: What themes and decorations do you have?

A: We currently offer four “themes”:

  • Neutral/unisex comes in bright neutral colours with teal accents, black/white decor and fairy lights
  • Pretty in Pink – for all kids out there who can’t have enough pink in their lives
  • Bohemian Blue – mainly turquoise and purple tones in a chic combination with bohemian ornamental patterns
  • Harry Potter – name says it all and let us surprise you with this one 🙂

Q: Can I request my own theme not listed above?

A: Sure, you know your children best and what they like, be it superheroes or Indiana Jones, we’re up for pretty much anything. We just ask to have at least 8 weeks lead time to source decorations (not bought from $2 shops) and we also like to create some of the decorations ourselves (more on that shortly).

Just drop us a line and we can discuss.

Q: What if I live outside your service area, but really really want to book a sleepover?

A: Contact us to see if we are interested to make an exception, but generally anything outside approx 75km from our base we require a two night booking and at least 6 weeks lead time (as otherwise there won’t be any full weekends available).

Q: Do you do Wedding Glamping as well?

A: Yes!

(and Baby showers, date nights, girls nights, hen’s do, stag night, wedding creche, you name it, if you think glamping is a good idea – contact us 😉 we bring the glamping to you!)