Help, I Don’t Know Where To Host A Party!

Does the thought of tweens taking over your house terrify you? But the thought of letting them loose on the big wide world is not that appealing either. Deciding where to host a party can be difficult. Should I do it inside or outside, at my place, or somewhere else? Don’t let the pressure overwhelm you! Let’s take a look at what you need to think about for your party location…


Where To Host A Party

At Home

Hosting your child’s birthday party at home is an obvious option. But there are definitely some things to consider before you jump in with two feet and invite 20 children to invade your house! Let’s have a look at the pros and cons


  • Your home is a free venue that you don’t have to pay extra for
  • It is familiar surroundings, so everyone will feel comfortable
  • You have everything you need to prepare the party and provide facilities for the guests – a toilet, a kitchen, running water, places to sit, somewhere to get out of the sun or rain etc.
  • It is easy to coordinate getting supplies there
  • You already have lots of entertainment with your kids’ own toys
  • You can decorate it how you want
  • There are no restrictions on having entertainment come to you – performers, tents or marquees, traveling zoos etc.


  • You have to have a lot of people in your house
  • There will be a mess to clean up afterwards
  • You generally need to organise some kind of entertainment – party games or an activity
  • There is a quite a bit of work involved with preparations
  • Often you spend more time organising than enjoying the party yourself


Away From Home

If you decide that your home is not suitable to host a party due to size or practicality, then you might choose an offsite venue. While it does have the added benefit of getting a big group of people out of your home, it can cost more than an at home party. Once you factor in venue hire, snacks, activities and transport, you could be making quite an investment (check out our recent blog on party budgeting here).

If you are going to host away from home then you need to choose a venue that is suitable. Make sure that it is a age appropriate and also suited to the kind of party you are wanting to have. You will also have to consider how you are going to provide your guests with snacks and something to drink. Some venues will have these onsite, but if you choose a park or a community facility then you will likely have to bring your own.


Inside Or Out?

Sometimes the time of year can make this decision really easy. If it is going to be pouring with rain, or worse, then it is probably easiest to hold the party indoors. Unless you are having a mud wrestling theme! But if the weather is lovely and hot, then it might be better to host outside (as long as you have some shelter from the sun).

Also, you need to think about the kind of activities you are going to be doing at the party. It is hard to go to an outdoor bowling alley, or an indoor horse ranch! So before you choose your venue, it can be good to decide on a theme, or what your child actually wants to do at their party.

Outside can be really great to minimise noise and mess. You can always erect a tent or a marquee to provide shade, or a break from the wind. Likewise, indoors can be great if you have lots of young children to contain, or lots of activities that require electricity.


The Verdict…

There is no right or wrong place to have your children’s party. The best parties happen in a variety of places as it is often the fun that is the deciding factor! So I think that choosing where to host a party is completely dependent on what you want to do and what time of year it is!

Regardless of whether you host at home or away, you can still get help from Party in a Box to make the party amazing. We have a range of great party packages that turn the outside to inside with our massive glamping bell tents. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can make your child’s next party super fun, without the stress!


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