Ep. 3: Money, Money, Money

It’s all about the money isn’t it?

True to an extend but does lots of money equal lots of fun?

I would say certainly not so!

You can have the best time of your life on the spot with little or no planning and budget, it comes down to people! However, these spontaneous “events” are a little hard to predict and possibly deserve their own category πŸ˜‰

So under normal circumstances I would presume some planning goes into your next party fun event! And very early in your planning you should think about your budget. Why? because it can and will influence everything else down the track.

Let’s say you only have $100 for your daughter’s birthday party (I realise for some even that is a lot) and it should cover food, decorations, entertainment and everything in between. I believe you can have a good planned party for $100 or less using these strategies:

  • use social media (facebook, whatsapp etc.) for invitations (free)
  • have the party in your own home (free)
  • Pick up a big pack of colourful balloons from the $2 shop or the Warehouse ($5 for 100 balloons), this is quite a statement and all that’s needed for decoration
  • play no cost games and make fun things from treasures of nature (leaves, rocks, sticks, shells etc.) ($10 for glue and some coloured paper), these can also function as the party favors at the end of the day πŸ™‚
  • take the photos on your phone, easy for showing them later on FB (free)
  • the biggest expense would be food and you could do a “share a plate” with your guests instead of presents
  • The only thing I would spend some money and/or time on is the Birthday cake, it just makes it special and a birthday is special (special enough if you decide to celebrate it!), so either have a go with your baking skills or spend some money on a professionally made cake. Simple ones can start at 50-60$!
  • Use your favorite music playlist for some background or dance music and there you go!

If you have more to spend you can then go and prioritize your preferences, maybe you hate the clean up after a party, so spend your money on a hired location. Or maybe you always wanted to hire a band or musician instead of your own playlist (big advantage is that they are usually capable of reading the crowd and can adjust their songs accordingly). Or perhaps you would like some nice photos of the get-together (and sometimes birthdays are the only events where family comes together), so go and hire a professional photographer, I assure you you will a) forget to take the photos and b) not have the eye for composition and “caught in the moment” as a professional has.

Bottom line is, spend the money you have on what is most important to you and everything else can kind of take a back seat. For my upcoming 4 year old daughters birthday which happens to be a “rainbow unicorn” party, I decided this theme really only works with decoration, so my priority was bunting, invitations, cupcake wrappers, rainbow fabric for making little tutus and little bits and bobs for activities and food (rainbow sprinkles!).

If, however, you really want to splurge, I’d still advice to make a priority list and spend proportions of money accordingly. In this case it might be a good idea to hire an event planner and/or event stylist.

Whatever your budget is, the most important thing is why you have the party, so celebrate the why above all else!

Have fun!

oh and if entertainment is big on your (tween’s) list of priorities, come and check out our party sets for hire πŸ™‚

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