Ep. 2: 10 Reasons to have themed party

It seems that nowadays a party without a theme is like pizza without toppings: it works but is too ordinary.

It doesn’t have to be a Tea Party at a castle or a trip to the moon (so to speak) but most children will appreciate some personal touch to their celebrations and there are many trends and ever popular themes alike and while I’m not listing any particular themes here, I’d like to go into a bit of depth why its a good idea to have a theme.

Reason #1: It is fun

Unless you really loathe themed parties (in which case you shouldn’t be attending or hosting them!), it is always good fun to spice up things a little. Bear in mind that even a “dinner party” is a theme! And don’t we all like fun?

Reason #2: It can be as simple or posh as you like

No need to go overboard or take out a second mortgage, it can be really simple such as a single colour theme: All Black should work well in New Zealand 🙂 . You could settle for the middle ground and have a magical unicorn rainbow party (as it will happen in our house in the very near future). Or you could really posh it up and have a tropical island party at the beach with everything from catering, band and full blown decorations.

Reason #3: Go and express yourself

Let’s face it, everyone likes to put some personality and effort into a party and wants people to have fun. After all, YOU decide what’s on the menu, music and entertainment. We all like to experiment a little with ideas every now and then, so why not with a party?

Reason #4: Celebrate your birthday child

Themed parties are a great way to give your child or your inner child a way to let their personality shine! I’ve been to 20’s, 80’s, Soccer themed, fairy tale themed and even military themed parties and they always suited the birthday child’s personality really well (didn’t matter if the main person was organising the party or others for them!). I think it is a fabulous way to show love and appreciation for someone.

Reason #5: It is memorable

How many parties with no particular theme do you remember? Not many? And how many do you remember with a wicked theme? I once went to a “moving boxes” party, where everyone dressed up in moving boxes as the main person was moving houses so much that this was actually their life theme. Everyone looked ridiculous and that is exactly why it worked so well and I’m sure everyone still remembers this party!

Reason #6: I makes it easier for ideas on decorations and food

The classic example here is a Halloween party. How much fun is to be had with planning and renaming ordinary food into bloody, slimy and disgusting sounding snacks? And the decoration options are almost endless: from spiderwebs, to “dead body under the couch” to having cemetery head stones as props – just go crazy, it’s what everyone expects.

Reason #7: Unleash the creative beast in you 

But be warned, if you have to pay a mortgage or support children, keep an eye on your budget. But similar to the above, this is a great way to really get creative. Start with an impossible theme such as “slugs and snails” and brainstorm everything you associate with this theme (slime, water, wet, outdoors, french snails (as in food), sticky) and there you go, you could have a glow-in-the-dark slime party with glue games and water features and snails for dinner! I reckon you could create a party theme out of anything!

Or just apply a twist on an “old” theme: instead of a 70’s party have a “gangsters and celebrities of the 70’s party”….the sky (or the moon) is the limit  when it comes to your imagination. Unleash it!

Reason #8: It makes it easy for your guests

They will know how to dress, what to expect (or sort of) and should arrive in the right mood straight away! Just beware of people that don’t like theme parties 😉

Reason # 9: It rounds up the experience

From music to food to dress up to decoration and setting, having a theme really makes your party stand out and seem smooth. It doesn’t have to involve extreme planning or cost, but just having a common theme really shows your guests that you care and they will come back for future parties!

Reason #10: its fun!

Yep, again! I’d say there’s always room for more fun in life, its over too quickly to be too serious and when looking to world news and headlines and whats happening around us, its always nice to escape for a little while – and that is what parties provide: be part of another world for a while. So keep up the magic and until next time,

take care!

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