Ep. 1: What to plan when planning a party

I’ll have to admit, I am a list person. I have shopping lists, to-do lists, birthday lists and even lists about lists.

So planning a party is really only an extension of bullet points for those who are list people.

But what if you are not a list person? Or a “planner”?

Apart from saying “good luck”, I thought a simple bare essentials checklist all done for you would to the trick, easy to memorize and follow:

Assuming you have this party at your place and very spontaneously (because everything else will require more lists and planning), all you need is some people, a full fridge and some sort of entertainment (be it a dinner party itself or plug in your favorite playlist) – voilà.

If it can be a bit more advanced you could follow this (still easy) checklist:

  • People
  • Date and time
  • Food and Drink
  • Location
  • Entertainment

This gives you a lot more options for throwing an awesome party!

Now, if you really want to throw the event of a century or have demanding pre-teens in your house (which comes down to the same thing really), you should follow this list:

  • Decide on a theme or ask your tween
  • spare a thought about your budget, this will help a lot further down the track and DON’T ask your tween in that regard (as this will not help at all)
  • Depending on the theme, you should now decide the location, keeping an eye on your budget
  • Determine a date and time of the event (sometimes dependent on your desired location!)
  • at this point its a good idea to think about getting some help or support if this is going to be a big event. Think event planners, stylists, service providers or family and friends (but careful, they might not want to come to future parties if this turns out to be hard work)
  • Invite people, they are really essential!
  • Some food and drinks to keep them happy and share stories (some of the best parties happen in the kitchen or around a dinner table).
  • Think about your decorations, especially if you have a themed party!
  • Don’t forget the photos, if your event is going to be epic you’ll want to capture this for the future (warning: if the party is too advanced, its a good time to stop taking photos!)
  • All you need now is some entertainment or activity or element of surprise to make this really memorable.
  • and last but not least, show your guests how much you appreciate them and their time, by giving a small gift or party favour. This really makes a difference!

You can go really overboard and have lists for each of the bullet points above but I’ll restrain myself now 😉

In the following weeks I’ll go a bit more into detail around each of these points.

So let me know, have I missed something? Are you a list person or of the “she’ll be right” type? What party or event are you planning next?



4 thoughts on “Ep. 1: What to plan when planning a party”

  1. Many forget this point “show your guests how much you appreciate them and their time, by giving a small gift or party favour. This really makes a difference!”. I learnt lot from this article. Thanks for sharing

    1. Agree, it doesn’t even have to be a gift. Sometimes a nice handshake and a genuine “Thank you for coming, much appreciated!” or taking the time for each guest and personally talk to them with undivided attention is all that’s required!

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